Why I think Alaska is the World's Best Cruise Destination

We all have our favourite cruise destinations but for me, with over 55 cruises under my belt around the world, Alaska is the best place on Earth to explore by ship.

Just thinking about the three Alaska cruises I have done with Princess Cruises makes me wistful and wanting to return soon.  I even bought an Alaskan CD of nature-infused music on my last visit so I could relive the magic of this amazing place back home.

10 Reasons to take a River Cruise

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you love cruising. Have you ever thought of taking that passion for floating holidays onto the world’s great rivers? More Australians than ever are enjoying river cruises and cruise lines are introducing more river ships and more departures in more places across the globe to meet demand. So, what’s the appeal of a river cruise? Here are our 10 top reasons why a river cruise makes such a wonderful holiday…

The growing world of longer cruises

A world cruise. It’s a dream holiday for many people, especially amongst the world’s growing legion of cruise lovers. But it’s a reality, not just a wish, for record numbers of time-rich travellers, with cruise lines organising longer and longer cruises to meet demand.

River cruising around the world

River cruising is booming, with more Australians than ever holidaying on the world's great inland waterways.

The appeal is obvious. Unpack your bags once, sit back and your deluxe floating hotel will take you on an enthralling journey through the heart of a destination. There's no rushing, no big crowds, no stress and no day where there's nothing to see.


What lies ahead in the world of cruising....

As we chart a course into 2016, with the festive season in our wake, we have scanned the horizons from the bridge at Cruise Express to see what’s causing waves in the thriving cruise industry this year...



Canadian Rockies and Alaska -  A winning combination!

"Nature drank a lot of coffee when she designed the two epic destinations of Alaska and the Canadian Rockies, " says Cruise Express team member, Andrew Mevissen, in this blog he has written about his own experiences in the region. To find out what a combination cruise tour of Alaska and the Canadian Rockies is like click below.


Anzac Day on the Western Front & Landing Beaches

Join Cruise Express in the French Village of Villers-Bretonneux for Anzac Day 2016 to honour the Australian heroes who helped save this important region in World War I. Here, you will gain a vivid insight into the bravery and courage of our Australian soldiers as historians paint us the stories of Somme's past. 


Shore Tours - to do or not to do?

We all love cruising and we know the journey and the ship are intrinsic elements of a memorable holiday afloat but of course the ports you visit make a cruise even more sensational. Some die-hard cruisers love nothing more than endless days at sea and don't even get off in port but for most of us, the destinations our ship take us to are the main reasons we select a particular cruise.


Anzac Day 2015 Commemorations with Cruise Express

90 of our clients were aboard Rhapsody of the Seas on 25th April on their way to Lone Pine in Turkey. On Anzac Day, as the ship approached Darwin, we joined together at dawn on deck for a ceremony to honour our war heroes with one of our guests knitting poppies for our hosts and the priest leading the service. Just off Gallipoli, was another of our escorted cruise groups aboard Celebrity Constellation on a Mediterranean cruise commemorating the historic Anzac centenary. The next day, April 26, we led our 134-strong group ashore to Anzac Cove iteself for moving ceremonies at both the Allied and Turkish memorials.


Twas the Night Before Christmas and We Were All At Sea

If you’re reading this and there are now only single digit days left to Christmas, panic is sure to have set in with frantic days spent rushing to buy presents, finalise work jobs and buy truckloads of food and drinks to feed the extended family. And we haven’t got to the day itself with hours of slaving over a hot oven, dirty dishes and enough rubbish to fill six bins outside let alone the two you have. Not quite the season of peace and merriment they sing about ad nauseam in Christmas carols is it?!



10 Reasons why a Hosted Cruise Tour is Your
Express Ticket to a Dream Holiday

Whether you want to sail the seven seas on your own or with a group, Cruise Express can book any holiday for you but the cruise tours we regularly host around the world are amongst the most popular holiday options we sell, with many customers enjoying our diverse range of escorted voyages.


Interview with our Director, Hardy

This interview will give you an insight into Hardy's travel experiences.  Read about his most frequented destinations, travelling tips, most memorable overseas dining and even Hardy's best travelling tale!


TEN Ways to Guarantee Your Cruise will be a Disaster

We’ve all met them – and hopefully it’s not you – but some people just love it when things go wrong so they have more to whinge about! Unfortunately you see them at sea too, lining up at the purser’s desk each day to complain that the weather is too hot or too cold or that the sea is too choppy or that there’s too much food at the buffet!



Is the Cruise Fare, Fair?

You’re ready for a cruise holiday and you’ve done your research but the fares you’ve unearthed vary significantly. Should you grab the cheapest deal or is the more expensive price a better value offer? We help you solve the dilemma so you get a fair deal on your next escape to sea…

Australia is now the fastest-growing cruise region in the world and with that has come an ocean of cruise deals with so much choice that selecting the right deal can often be overwhelming and confusing.


Top 10 Tips on What to do on Embarkation Day

It’s the big day you’ve been looking forward to for months, maybe longer – the day you board your cruise ship. Here are some tips on what to do on embarkation day...

* If you can board the ship anytime (sometimes cruise lines issue you a specified embarkation time), arrive early to maximise your organisational time onboard before sailing but not too early as to join what can often be a long queue of earlybirds keen to get onboard first. Time your arrival at the terminal just after the boarding period starts so the line-up has mostly cleared.


The One Thing you Should Never Travel Without
+ Top 10 Travel Insurance Tips!

Your cruise ship leaves tomorrow, your suitcase is packed and you check your list…passport, tick; tickets, tick; money and credit cards, tick; camera, tick; phone and phone card, tick; sunscreen, tick; clothes, tick; travel insurance?

You’d be shocked at how many Australians travel overseas without travel insurance but at Cruise Express we believe it’s just as important as your passport. 


Top 10 Reasons Women Love Cruising More 
than Men

1. No cooking

2. No cleaning

3. No grocery shopping to do!

World’s Top 10 Bucket List Voyages for Australians

1.  A round-the-world cruise from Australia.  You earn huge bragging rights in the world of cruising and a lifetime of memories once you’ve circumnavigated the planet by sea. You’ll sail in the wake of Ferdinand Magellan -  the first person to circle the globe by ship, a journey which took three years (1519-1522) in a sailing boat 700 times smaller than the luxurious Princess Cruises superliners which now take around three months to offer the same epic journey every year from Australia.  And ... there's another nine on the list!

The Case of the Missing Luggage
Service is something we are very passionate about at Cruise Express, particularly on the group cruise tours we host around the world. Of course, when you travel, sometimes not everything goes to plan and when things do go wrong, the advantages of being with a group and an escort from Cruise Express become clear – like when a suitcase belonging to a couple on our current African cruise tour went missing last week in Johannesburg.




Tips for the Solo Cruiser
An increasing number of cruise lovers are sailing on their own so Cruise Express has some handy tips on how to make solo cruising more enjoyable and affordable...

1. You can avoid the dreaded, double solo supplement by keeping an eye out for low single surcharges or special deals that offer no supplements at all, allowing you to cruise for the twin-share price. These bargains often appear on the Cruise Express website – or you can ask the Cruise Express team to keep an eye out for you.


How to Choose the Right Cruise
Are you plotting and planning to spend a small part of this year or next on a cruise ship? With an ocean of cruises now available worldwide, Cruise Express is here to help you  navigate your way onto the right ship for you.

There are more than 70 ocean-going cruise lines in the world operating over 300 liners on the seven seas so which cruise line and which ship is best for your dream holiday? Every cruise line and every ship is subtly different, delivering a distinct experience to match a certain type of passenger. There are many factors to consider when choosing a cruise so let’s explore them...   

Family Cruising Tips
1.Choose a larger resort-style ship which offers more facilities for kids and teenagers and more clubs for different age categories. Bigger ships also carry more kids so your brood can make friends more easily.

2. If you can and your kids are young enough and not in senior years at school, take a cruise outside school holiday periods when there are more cabins available and fares (even airfares) are more affordable. You’ll be surprised at how many other kids there will be onboard for your children to mix with. 

Packing Tips for Cruising
THIS is the hardest thing to do!  If you are like me, you want to take almost everything in your wardrobe (just in case I need it).  BUT after hauling luggage up and down stairs, in and out of cars, through plane and cruise terminals I was beginning to learn my lesson. Finally I found myself sorting through my luggage on the floor of my hotel room because my bag was to large to fit onto the luggage rack.  That’s it!  No more!  I’m not a turtle and I don’t need to carry all this unnecessary luggage, especially when half of it never even saw the light of day.

Maybe we can leave you with a few tips for packing and hope you won’t make some of the mistakes we did.  GOOD LUCK!!  



TEN Things to Think About Before You Go On A Cruise
So you’d like to go on a cruise - good decision! Cruising is one of the most exciting, relaxing, romantic and affordable holidays you can take, with your ship providing your transport, accommodation, entertainment and meals, all for the one great value fare. In fact, some cruise lines offer even more than that, with drinks, shore tours and other pampering also included. So what cruise line, vessel, destination or cabin should you invest your hard-earned money in?  

To Include or Not Include – That is the Question!
All Inclusive Cruising – For and Against

You’ve enjoyed the cruise of a lifetime, exploring exotic ports and enjoying exotic cocktails by the pool.  But on the last night of your dream voyage, an envelope slides under your cabin door that sends you crashing back down to Earth – it’s the bill for all your onboard expenses for the past three weeks and the total is much higher than you expected or budgeted for. Did I really drink that many margaritas? Must be a mistake!  

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