The Princess and the Hare

by Jeff Thorpe 
© - 09 June 2017



We’ve done a bit of travelling to places here and there,
all over the land of Oz plus countries round the world
yet, recently we’ve journeyed on the Princess and the Hare

and a quirky mode of travel has before us come unfurled.

The escapade commenced in Brisbane at the Port

with the sleek Sun Princess straining at the lines,

to sail away to Sydney on a voyage relaxed and short,

our satisfaction meter logging booming signs.

This continued on in Sydney at the elegant Grace Hotel,

a place of old world charm personified,

perfectly located too, another tick as well

only a harshest critic would be dissatisfied.

And after dark Sydney’s Vivid Festival of Light

a kaleidoscope before our very eyes,

patterns ever changing on buildings through the night,

the opera house especially resonant in disguise.

Our second Sydney night saw dining way up high

on floor forty-seven at Australia Square,

revolving restaurant acting as our eye in the sky,

Vivid the more vibrant from the crow’s nest there.

But, there was more to come, next morn at Central Station

when we were introduced to the Tin Hare,

a nineteen twenties rail motor long past its probation,

restored to all its glory by passionate loving care.

So began our captivating journey on the Hare

destination Brisbane near one thousand K away,

a rock and roll experience, though one entirely rare,

the “difference” why we joined in this soiree.

Overnighting at Grafton, then underway again,

across the Queensland border, a feat somewhat historic,

first time three Hare carriages had entered this domain

with we as passengers feeling quite euphoric.

A tour to long remember for diversity and delight,

we’re pleased we signed on to this sail and rail affair,

six days of enjoyment, the travel bug for to ignite,

one could do worse than the Princess and the Hare.


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